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Like so many people across the country, I love our public lands and I wear that badge proudly. 


My family hikes in the Angeles, Cleveland and Los Padres national forests surrounding the Los Angeles basin. We camp in the mountains and black sand beaches of King Range National Conservation Area in Northern California. We fly fish in Gallatin National Forest in Montana. And we ski in the national forests across our country, from Inyo in California and the Wasatch in Utah to the Green Mountains in Vermont. America's public wilderness is my family's playground. And I see you all out there on the trails so I know it’s your playground, too.


But never in our lifetimes have our national lands and waters - national forests, national wildlife refuges, marine sanctuaries, national conservation areas, and national monuments - been so imperiled. The current administration and Congress readily hands our wilderness over to corporations eager to gorge themselves on the bounty of our most treasured ecosystems. I knew it would be bad when they took office in January 2017, but I couldn't have imagined that in their first year, the administration would reduce Bears Ears National Monument from 1,351,849 acres to 201,876 acres or that they would cut Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in half. And with Congress allowing oil and gas development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in their tax bill, it’s clear that the majority of our federal government relishes perpetrating irreversible environmental ruin for short-term financial gains. 


I can go on and on about how drilling, logging, mining, and all the rest will impact climate change, biodiversity and turn our country into a wasteland. Instead, I’m focused on what I can do to save our public lands before it's too late. And I'd love for you to join me.


Together with an artist in Bozeman, Montana, I created a bumper sticker to show my commitment to keeping public lands in public hands. If you're a concerned public lands lover, you'll want to display our sticker to let everyone know where you stand on this pivotal issue.


Bumper stickers are only $7, and I have chosen to donate 100% of the proceeds to The Wilderness Society, a non-profit organization leading the fight to defend these magnificent places, and galvanizing the public and courts to protect America’s most treasured assets. The 6"x4" stickers are reusable, weather-durable, and made from cloth (no plastics) so they're as environmentally-friendly as you can get these days.


Eventually, we’ll print the graphic on t-shirts and hats but I'm starting off small, hoping that your support helps the project grow. Please get your sticker today and join me in protecting the best parts of America.


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